What is Avgcc.exe

AVG7_CC - AVG Anti-Virus System - GRISOFT, s.r.o.

File description

Avgcc.exe with description AVG7_CC is a process file from company GRISOFT, s.r.o. belonging to product AVG Anti-Virus System.
The file is not digitally signed.

What is avgcc.exe?
This is the Grisoft AVG Control Center. It is a key component of the AVG anti-virus software. The following is a screenshot of AVG 8.0 running under Windows XP:

This process is not essential to the operation of the system; however, it should not be disabled unless necessary. By killing this process or disabling the associated service, you will lose your system's virus protection. If you want to remove this service, you should properly uninstall AVG. Deleting the executable may result in system instability. These screenshots were taken using a newer version of AVG that does not have avgcc.exe; however, in this case avgemc.exe is analagous. The following screenshot illustrates how it should appear in the Task Manager:

As you can see in this screenshot, this process typically runs as SYSTEM. A process with this name running as a different user may be indicative of a malware infection.

Dangers of avgcc
As this is a process that is part of a very popular anti-virus application, it is possible for virus writers and spyware vendors to disguise their malware as the genuine one.

Some malicious files may have the same name but will be stored somewhere other than in a subdirectory of %ProgramFiles%\AVG. Other malware will use a name that appears similar to that of the legitimate one but with slight differences in spelling or with appended digits. While there are currently no known viruses, Trojans, or adware applications that disguise themselves as this process, you should look out for the presence of this file in an incorrect location or with a slightly different name.

There is typically only one instance of this process running at a given time on a system. The presence of multiple instances may be an indicator of a malware infection. If you see a process with this name when you do not have any AVG software installed, it is likely that your system is infected with malware.

Common problems
  • Bad Descriptor error when trying to run AVG
    • This can occur if your system is infected with a virus, most commonly W32/Bagle. Reboot into safe mode to try to run a virus scan.
  • This process causes an error in user32.dll
    • This is known to occur if you have RealTek audio. Try downloading the hotfix from RealTek's website.
    • This is also known to occur if you have CrystalXP installed. Ensure that you have the latest versions of CrystalXP and AVG.

Automatic startup locations

001 Running Processes
002 Autorun registry entries local machine
003 Autorun registry entries Current User
004 All users startup startmenu
005 Current user startup startmenu
073 %windir%\Tasks

Digital signatures found for this file

This file is not signed by its author

MD5 security rating in our database

38 files (Not yet rated and not signed)
5 files (Safe and not signed)
Some versions of this filename have not yet been checked for safety.
Warning: Some malware might rename itself to avgcc.exe. Always make sure that your file is from a verified publisher.

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Application errors

Fix avgcc.exe application error:  Run a FREE registry scan

User comments

AVG Control Center, from "AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition"

It gets changed on some AVG program updates.
This file is a part of AVG Anti-virus Free Edition

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